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Four simple principles

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Some people say investing is complicated. We don't think it has to be. In fact, we think successful investing rests on four simple principles.

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Everybody needs goals – they lend focus and purpose to life. The same thing is true when you invest. You're not building a portfolio because you've always wanted a portfolio – you're building it because you have some long-term goals that you want to achieve. You might be very clear about your goals or you might not. But no matter how clear you are, it's important to begin by considering your goals, because they form the backdrop for all of your investing decisions.


Our second principle is about selecting the right balance of investments to help you reach your goals – a process that professional investors call asset allocation.

Investment performance is unpredictable, but there is a general relationship between equity and bond market returns: equities have provided higher returns than bonds over the long term, but their performance has also been choppier over shorter periods.

The mix of equities and bonds in your portfolio is likely to be the biggest driver of your future returns – so, once you’ve thought about your goals, choosing the right balance is the next step.


When it comes to investing, every pound you pay in costs is a pound out of your future returns. What's more, just like returns, the impact of costs compounds over time. That's one of the reasons why lower-cost funds have consistently delivered better outcomes for investors over the long term. Vanguard's structure allows us to offer a high-quality investment service at low cost. And that low-cost advantage will compound over time, helping you to reach your goals faster.


The most successful investors are often those with the most discipline. Staying on top of what's happening in the markets is great, but don't let daily news chatter tempt you into tinkering with your portfolio unnecessarily. Investors who fall into this trap generate costs that they could easily avoid. What's more, they often end up damaging the performance of their portfolio.

At Aura, we believe it's better to set an appropriate asset allocation to suit your goals, and then let time and the power of markets do the heavy lifting. You can even choose Aura  that will automatically rebalance to the breakdown you've chosen.

Why costs matter

In most areas of life, if you pay more you get more. But in the world of investing, you get what you don't pay for.When you invest you normally pay two broad types of charges: fund and account-level. It's just that in some cases it won't be very obvious. Our mission is to make costs as clear and as low as possible, so here's the lowdown on our low costs.

You don't have to pay any other charges with Aura. No additional ISA fee, no transfer charge, no separate trading fees, no foreign exchange charges... just the fund and account-level charges outlined above.

We're charging less so that you can keep more of your returns.



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