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Aura Solution Company Limited Asset Management (AURA) brings together a strategic balance of investment capabilities to serve the investment needs of our clients worldwide: institutions, financial advisors, and individuals. Aura's Capital Management is a registered investment advisor and a dedicated institutional asset manager within the AURA SOLUTION COMPANY LIMITED umbrella. Our mission is to deliver superior investment service to our institutional clients globally.

Spanning all asset classes, our investment approach applies thoughtful market insights to deliver enhanced after-tax, total portfolio returns while minimizing risk. We leverage the vast resources of Aura Solution Company Limited institutional investment organization to provide you unparalleled access to one of the world's largest and best recognized asset managers in a way that best suits your investment needs. While our investment capabilities are exceptional, they gain even greater strength when strategically combined within a portfolio. Our strategic asset allocation expertise, overall approach to investment architecture and thoughtful, objective-driven management help to ensure you receive the investment advice and solutions that best serve your goals.

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